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Collaboration of professional workers of international research institutes with researchers of Institute of High Mountain Biology ZU, aimed at increasing the level of education and research


Primary objective of this project is to build a common database of other projects and activities aimed at research all components of alpine environment.

.... Call code: OPV-2011/1.2/03-SORO    ITMS project code: 2611 023 0078   "Modern education for the knowledge society / Project co-financed from EU sources" ....

Other objectives:
Publication and updating of data on a shared web space, active cooperation with selected departments alpine research on the preparation and implementation of research plans. Search projects suitable for implementation in a IHMB ZU. Expanding the capabilities of the implementation of intensive research plans on the basis of cooperation with partner institutes. Publication of joint research outputs IHMB ZU and foreign offices to a wider scientific audience and environment protection field of study and land use.

Specific objectives of the action 1.2 to which it binds the call are:
1 Customize higher education needs of the knowledge society;
2 supports the principles of quality culture at university;
3 To improve the quality and develop human resources in research and development;
4 Encourage cooperation between universities, research and development organizations and private
sector at national and international level.

Institute of High Mountain Biology is a scientific body of the University of Zilina (Slovak republic, EU) whose principal purpose is to provide research at all levels of biological organization from molecules to alpine ecosystems. It was established in 2000 as a center for the development of alpine biological research in the West Carpathians. An important further purpose of the institute is to promote the understanding and protection of the high mountain ecosystems. For more details about institute please visit: www.vuvb.uniza.sk

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